Get in touch with Transylvania. We prepared you the adventures of your lifetime. Discover hidden gems and see old friends for the first time!

Starting from: 17 - 21 AUG 2019

Wine and Castle Pretour
Bethlen medievel citadel & Jidvei Wineries
Wine and Castle Pretour
Dracula's Castle & legends
Wine and Castle Pretour
Liliac Wine of Transylvania
Wine and Castle Pretour
Romanian unique cusine & specialties
Wine and Castle Pretour
Jidvei cellar
Wine and Castle Pretour
Lechburg Wineries
Wine and Castle Pretour
City of Sighisoara & Medieval fortress
Wine and Castle Pretour
Old hidden gems & private cellars

Wine and Castle Pretour

Wine is the drink of gods and Romania has few of the best wines in the world. And we mean tasting premium wines in original locations assorted with our delicious food. Learn about well known international grapes or our local Romanian varieties in great, unique and original crafted wines. The Summer Royal Castle and the evening parties will give you an unforgettable experience.

  • Best wines – You will have the chance to discover some less known hidden gems. Wineries such as Liliac Winery, Lechburg, La Salina Winery ( built on top of Turda Salt Mine ), and the biggest winery in Europe – Jidvei Winery & Bethlen Castle, unique medieval residence.
  • Great food – Coming to Romania is a must for any travel enthusiast and food lover because there is such a richness in terms of traditional cuisine, that your senses will be absolutely spoiled with amazing and intense flavors.
  • Unique places – Our roots in Transylvania have some unforgettable spots. You will be able to see our history through one of the most well-known Unesco heritage citadels: Sighisoara, Dracula’s Castle and royal residence Peles Castle.


Saturday ( 17 August 2019 )

   • The tour will start with a big Pretour Start Party in Bucharest (both Pretour participants attending)

Sunday ( 18 August 2019 )

   • In the morning we start to Transylvania to visit Peles Royal Castle (
   then Royal Sparkling Wine tasting together with lunch at Halewood Winery.
   We continue to Sighisoara, the only inhabited fortress in Europe
   First Pretour Party in the hotel.

Monday ( 19 August 2019 )

   We tour the fortified city in the morning and head to Issa winery for tasting and lunch in the
   After that we will visit one of the best salt mines in the world (
   Party at Ursus Brewery Cluj Napoca, the biggest Transilvanian City, founded before the Roman empire. (city of the Untold and Electric Castle festivals)

Tuesday ( 20 August 2019 )

   2 small wineries with great wines are going to host us for tastings and lunch.
   We will be accommodated in Târgu Mureș, another roman and medieval city.
   Great party going on in the local castle for the last night of the Pretour.

Wednesday ( 20 August 2019 )

   Last morning of the Pretour we’ll visit a castle in the countryside in the middle of one of the biggest wineries in the world, Jidvei Winery. Of course, we’ll have a wine tasting there .
   After a lunch in a really original setting on our way to Poiana Brașov, you’ll be ready to join the welcome party

Important details :

   • This event is organised in such a way that everybody will enjoy a great time touring Transylvania:
   • Winelovers will have their unique experiences with the romanian wines and wineries
   • Beerlovers will have their share of tasting romanian beer brands
   • Landscape enthusiasts will experience Transylvanian sightseeing
   Party people will have their big share of good time
   All dinner locations are booked on a free drinks until midnight policy. After midnight, experienced tablers will be able to continue as long as they will use the pay per drink policy.
    Buses will be specially equiped with local tablers trained to know all the details about the tour, keep a stash of free beers in a cold place and face all kind of jokes. then Royal Sparkling Wine tasting together with lunch at Halewood Winery.

We continue to Sighisoara, the only inhabited fortress in Europe

Adventure pretour
Unleash your inner child and discover Transylvania by adventure
Adventure pretour
Get some adrenaline
Adventure pretour
Beautiful places waiting to be discovered
Adventure pretour
  • This Pretour is bringing you to the rivers and mountains in Transylvania. Join our professionals for offroad ride, river rafting and may other adventures in breathtaking landscapes. Of course, evenings bring the parties on…
  • Unique wild-life places to be discovered. Romania still has hidden gems and plenty of outdoor activities to combine with.
  • Off-road on mountains, cayaking on the wild rivers, mountain trekking and many more…
Saturday  (17 August 2019 )

   guests arrival and check-in at Ramada Parc Hotel
   welcome party at Taverna Sarbului Pub

Sunday ( 18 August 2019 )

   09.00 – departure by bus to the Covasna County
   visiting Slanic Prahova Salt Mine
   • lunch in Slanic Prahova
   arriving at Clermont Hotel & fun games for all !
   • Barbecue & Rocket Fuel Party

Monday (19 August 2019)

   08.30 – departure by bus to Buzau County
   rafting on Buzau River
   lunch at Wolfs Valley Restaurant
   kayak on Siriu Lake
   dinner at Clermont & surprise show …

Tuesday (20 August 2019)

   08.30 – departure by bus to Tusnad area
   Off-road on forest and volcanic lake Saint Ana
   lunch near Lake Saint Ana
   mountain bike on the forest & mountain
   Barbecue Party at Clermont Hotel

Wednesday (20 August 2019)

   8.30 – departure to Ancient Mocanita Train.
   Trekking thru the Covasna forests and hills.
   lunch at Clermont Hotel.
   departure to Poiana Brasov for RTIWM 2019 event.

Important details:

  This event is dedicated to people enjoying the nature and sport activities in the wild, so please respect the environment and beautiful places about to visit these days!
  Even if it’s August, weather conditions could be rather cold during day time and specially at night time, with rain and lower temperatures.
   Clothes should be proper for Adventure activities – waterproof and cold resistant, mountain boots & thermal underwear if possible.
   The program will be changed between the groups for Monday and Tuesday and can be revised according to weather conditions or water level on the river.
   All activities are organized and managed by professional staff and you will need to sign a statement on your own responsibility that you agree to practice this kind of adventures.
   Please check that your health & travel insurance covers also the extreme adventure sports!
   Remember that all area visited are under the threat of wild bears so under no circumstances do not walk alone in the night or away from your group !

Both pretours will officially start on Saturday evening ( 17 AUG 2018 ) with a great pub party & crawling in Bucharest.
First night will be also accommodation in Bucharest, as we have all day & night flight arrivals at the airport.
Sunday morning, ( 18 AUG 2018 ) buckle-up everybody in buses and head to first destinations & fun in pretour.
Book now, since places are limited on a first paid = first served basis.